Jacket: F21; Jeans: Madewell; Tee: Thrifted; Sneaks: Converse; Sunnies: Stella McCartney

A series of photos that accurately displays a few of my current obsessions.

This jacket from Forever 21 I grabbed on sale on a whim and it's easily one of the coolest pieces in my closet. If you head over to Forever 21 this second, they are offering 30% off all sale items - including this bad boy.

These jeans from Madewell are essentially the perfect pair of denim. If you've never tried on Madewell denim before, RUN to the nearest one - or shop risk free online (they're great with returns). I've never worn a pair of jeans that NEVER bags out - until these. I've got two pairs and I want a million (I'm not kidding) more. If you head over to Madewell's website, they're currently offering 20% off all sale (including denim!)

These sunglasses are brand new (as in, I got them this afternoon) and I'm already sensing that I'll be living in these all summer. The fact that I wore them in the dressing room cause I just didn't want to take them off is a good indicator of this. 

In other news, it's Friday and I'm happy and I want all of you to be happy, too. So Happy Friday and Happy Easter to each and every single one of you wonderful people.

coachella style - weekend 1


Do all these make you itch for summer, or what?

Photo source HERE.

life lately


Life lately has consisted of busy and fun-filled weekends with family and friends - the perfect way to spend those treasured days off from work. We went to a Dodger game a few weeks ago for my dad's birthday (where Robin Thicke perfomed!) - which is unofficially the start of every summer in Southern California. I've been stocking up on great shoes which are easy to throw on with any outfit - again, in preparation for the summer season which I'm so BEYOND ready for. Know the feeling?

It's kind of insane how busy these next few weeks are going to be. On Friday, we're heading up to see my sister in Stockton for Easter weekend. Then a few weeks later, we're heading back up to see her graduate from college. Shortly after, Trevor and I are (most likely) going to be heading to Palm Springs to celebrate his 24th birthday. Somewhere in there, we're heading to a Billy Joel concert at the Hollywood Bowl and I really, really, desperately want to visit my favorite friend in Seattle for a weekend, too. 

I feel like I'm at that point where everything is about to start - but at the same time, being terrified that I'll take the plunge on something and that nothing will come out of it. It's hard, cause I feel like I'm at that age (23) where I'm still figuring stuff out - and that I'm still allowed to make mistakes and mess up and fall flat on my face and that I can still heal and come out of the whole thing alive and better for it. I'm just scared, you know? Of being irresponsible and making rash decisions that could ultimately hurt me. 

I know that everyone is on their own path and everyone has their own pace, and that there is no right or wrong way on how to do something, but at the same time, I just so desperately want to know that I'm not wasting my time. I don't know. I have a lot of time to think, especially on my way to and from work, and I just always feel so distraught when I get out of the car because all I realize is that I. DON'T KNOW. I just want to figure out my purpose - and I realize that's hefty and probably impossible, but I don't want to just float through life settling on whatever reality is RIGHT NOW. I want to know that I'm making the most out of my time and striving for something beautiful.

Someone once gave me a grand piece of advice that has resonated with me from the moment she said it. "The things that scare you the most often wind up being the most worthwhile." 
I guess it's okay to be afraid and to not know - to just take the plunge off of the metaphorical edge and hope for the best. To trust myself enough to know my talents and to know my weaknesses and to look in the eye of the tiger and do the things that scare the crap out of me - because that's how we learn and grow and ultimately, how we learn our purpose.

Sorry for the rant - clearly I was thinking a lot in the car this morning.



Divissima, an Italian fashion brand which sells pieces from swimwear to leggings - was kind enough to send me this incredible gold sports bra, which I'm pretty sure I'll be layering with all of my white tees this summer. Made in Italy from high quality Italian fabrics, this piece is something which I already know I'll be getting a lot of use out of!!

Check out their website HERE - and stay tuned for some future post featuring more of their incredible products! 

Pictured here with a pair of high-rise Levis - my go-to for EVERYTHING. I can't wait until the days that I can wear them 24/7 again. Is it summer yet?

See also: my extremely messy bedroom behind me.

lighten up


In honor of the upcoming Spring/Summer season - I've lightened my hair!

A very exciting and important update, I know. 

In other news, my cousin (who created this magic on my head) is master at the blow out. 
I wish she lived closer so I could get her to do this ALL. THE. TIME. 

Find her on Facebook HERE.
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